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In the event you are a brand new iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch user, you most certainly encountered a fresh group of terms and processes that you are not familiar with, and most definitely have no clue what they mean. Things like Jailbreaking, Unlocking, Cydia are new for your, and weve decided to make it more simple for all of us, by writing this article that will attempt to explain and guide you through the things you have to understand.

What’s Cydia?


Well ill answer that for you. Cydia is an program that makes your ordinary everyday apple idevice look like whatever you would like it to be, cydia can take your normal stock iPhone, iPod or iPad and make it resemble a windows phone or even an android telephone. Cydia has lots of information from simple tweaks like display sliders and boot logos to more complicated information like tweaks for springboard, tweaks for siri, call recorders. The cool stuf is that cydia is free for download and most programs, tweaks and sources are downloadable for free too. To download and install cydia you have to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You can’t merely download and install cydia. Cydia is not available in the Apple AppStore.

What is jailbreaking and why you’d do it?

Sowhy do I need to jailbreak my idevice in order to install cydia? Youre asking Apple has a strict policy regarding writer rights for the programs in the app store and the security of the users so when you have an iDevice with a stock/unaffected firmware you are limited to just the AppStore for your program source (this means no cydia). In order to utilize the full potential of your idevice you must obtain root access. This means for you to get administrative rights in your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Install Cydia in 3 mins or Less!!

Can I install Cydia without Jailbreaking iOS device?

Regardless of what other say, this can’t be done; watch out for those that assert otherwise, since that might be a scam. Cydia can just be set up as a jailbreak alternative, since the great majority of the jailbreak processes actually provide you with the option to install Cydia mechanically.

Occasionally Cydia is taking quite a long time to load; is that normal?

Frequently is the situation that new users are unaware that they need to remove the programs and tweaks they are not any longer using from their iOS apparatus. Another idea should be to install cracked cydia programs simply from the best and safest cydia repositories and never use too many cydia sources, since each is indexed and checked for updates every time you begin Cydia. To clear all this problems attempt optimizing cydia.

Do you know the jailbreak classes?

There are there are only three types of jailbreak available for use: tethered jailbreak, semi-tethered jailbreak and untethered jailbreak, each of them enabling you as a user particular degrees of freedom.

What does each kind of jailbreak means and which is the right one for me?

The semi-tethered jailbreak enables users to reboot their iOS apparatus; yet, a number of the downloaded jailbreak programs may not be available for use till you stop up your iOS apparatus to your computer, complete access being available after.

The tethered jailbreak choice limits your ability to reboot your iOS apparatus if is not connected to your computer. In other words, you can only reboot your Apple apparatus when it’s joined.

What tools should I use to jailbreak my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch?

To begin with, if you are unsure in the jailbreak procedure you can use a third party jailbreak service provider since if you fail the jailbreak process, you could end up bricking your apparatus, but if you have the knowledge of what to do, tools like Redsn0w, Greenpois0n, Sn0wbreeze , Evasi0n and Absinthe should work out just fine.

The opinions on this particular issue are distinct: some say that programs downloaded from Cydia are unpredictable, others report crashing, and others say that there’s nothing wrong. The reality is somewhere in between: there are lots and lots of repositories out there, but so long as you do some research on every program and its own compatibility before rushing to install it on your iOS apparatus, you should be good. Another security measure is to install your content from trusted repositories that provide good quality.

How will I navigate the Cydia interface?

The first thing which you must know is you will have 5 tabs available:

House: here you’ll find account information, sponsored programs, sources F.A.Q. and settings.
Sections: you’ll find here all programs broken up and organized into classes. You will have to choose your group of interest and start browsing in search for your desired tweak.
Changes: the section where you are able to locate all the new applications and upgrades for your already installed tweaks. This section is updated every time you open Cydia.
Handle: Here you can handle your installed programs, add and remove repositories and installed apps, too as access your apparatus entire storage.
Search: In the event you are trying to find a particular tweak and also you already know its name, you can seek in this tableture and find it without needing to go through all the repositories you have installed in your Cydia program.
What’s a repository?

A repository or repo as some may call it’s an internet hub where the developers share their tweaks for quick access and installation. Some repositories are specialized some aren’t. Some are devoted to classes like tweaks, programs, games and even ringtones.

Can you purchase programs from Cydia?

While the proven fact that many of the Cydia programs are available for free download, remains accurate, there are a few that require payment as a way to bring that little extra to your iOS apparatus. While Apple is demanding you to use an iTunes Apple ID, Cydia enables users to connect using their Twitter or Facebook account, while the payments are done using Amazon gift cards or PayPal trades. We are aware that this looks hard at first, but trust us on this one, its not.

Im new to Cydia and I dont understand what to install first, can you help me?

While we recognize that there are a lot of programs and tweaks to pick from, we’ve compiled a list that can help you on the start of your journey:

iSleepWell: a tweak that uses the hardware sensors embedded on your own iOS apparatus to detect the orientation of your apparatus and turn off all of the radios when the apparatus is placed down on a surface. Essentially your apparatus will be in Airplane mode when you go into a meeting or if you are intending to sleep. This tweak is obtainable in the BigBoss repository for 0.99$, and it’s available for iOS 5 and above.
ClipboardEdit: a tweak which will create a fresh section in your Notification Center. Text from the clipboard will be automatically read and exhibited. Unfortunately, this tweak WOn’t work with images. This tweak is available also in the BigBoss repository, but for free.
AssistantExtensions: it’s a very easy tweak in the event you are an iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 user, since this tweak can raise the options available when using Siri. It’s founded on MobileSubstrate and it enables developers and hackers to enhance the extensions of the tweak. The cydia repo which you can download this tweak for free is the BigBoss repository.
It is strongly recommended that you always keep this tweak current. In the event you are doubtful of the cydia repos you’ll be able to locate this tweak in, simply utilize the Search tool we explained previously.
iLettars: a practical tweak that allows you to personalize the duration of the cartoons and make them as slow or as quick as you would like, to satisfy your visual needs. The cydia source for this particular tweak is ModMyi repository for $1.59.


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